Irina Marinov

Postdoctoral Investigator

Department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543
phone: (617)289-3819,

Moving to PENN's Earth and Environmental Sciences Dept. in January 2009.
Currently looking for a graduate student to start in summer or fall 2009 at PENN.
If you are interested please contact me and read further here

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Graduate Student Opportunity:

    I am seeking a highly motivated graduate student to join the new ocean biogeochemistry- climate research direction I am starting in the "Earth and Environmental Sciences Program" at University of Pennsylvania in the Fall of 2009.

    Possible scientific research areas include (a) studying large scale trends in ocean phytoplankton ecology and ocean carbon cycle; (b) decadal trends and variability in ocean phytoplankton ecology; (c) changes in the hydrological cycle and resulting impacts on climate on decadal to millenial time scales; (d) developing theoretical understanding for what controls the oceanic sink for atmospheric CO2.

    Applicants must be self-motivated and hard working with good written and verbal communication skills. A strong background in physics, chemistry, oceanography or atmospheric science is idea. past programming experience under the Linux environment (especially programming in Fortran and matlab or python) is highly desirable.

    The position starts in the summer or fall 2009. If interested please contact me at

    Please note that applications are due in December 2008. For details see the PhD program page .

Press Release:


    - in preparation -

    Marinov, I., S. Doney, I. Lima, K. Moore, K. Lindsey, "Response of ocean plankton ecology to climate change over the 21st century", in preparation for GBC.

    Marinov, I. and A. Gnanadesikan. “Controls on the large scale air-sea CO2 flux distributions. The compensation mechanism.” in preparation for GRL

    - already published -

    Marinov, I., M. Folows, A. Gnandesikan, J.L. Sarmiento, and R.D. Slater, "How does ocean biology affect atmospheric pCO2? Theory and Models," JGR Oceans, Vol 113, C07032, doi:10.1029/2007JC004598, 2008. Download paper.

    Marinov, I., A. Gnanadesikan, J.L. Sarmiento, R. Toggweiler, M. Follows and B. Mignone, "Impact of oceanic circulation on the biological carbon storage in the ocean and atmospheric pCO2", Global Biogeochem. Cycles, Vol 22, GB3007, doi:10.1029/2007GB002958, 2008. Download paper.

    Gnandesikan, A. and I. Marinov, "Export is not enough: Nutrient cycling and carbon sequestration", Marine Ecological Progress Series, invited contribution to the Thematic Section on "Implications of large scale iron fertilization of the oceans", Vol 364:289-294, doi:10.3354/meps/07750, 2008. Download paper.

    Irina Marinov and Warren Judd, "Ocean Carbon", New Zealand Geographic, nr.81, September-October 2006.

    Marinov, I., A. Gnanadesikan, R. Toggweiler, and J.L. Sarmiento “The Southern Ocean Biogeochemical Divide,” Nature (441), doi:10.1038, June 22, 2006.
    Download paper, Supplementary Material , and a brief article on "Making the Paper"

    Marinov, I. and J.L. Sarmiento, “The role of the oceans in the global carbon cycle: an overview” Ocean Carbon Cycle and Climate, NATO ASI volume, 251-295, ed. M. Follows and T. Oguz, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004 download

    Smith, K.S., G. Boccaletti, C.C. Henning, I. Marinov, C.Y. Tam, I.M. Held and G.K.Vallis, “Turbulent Diffusion in the Geostrophic Inverse Cascade”, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 469, 13-48, 2002.
    Download paper

    Abott, S., and I. Marinov, “The Boundedness of the Riesz projection on spaces with weights”, Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 198 (2), 257-267, 2001.
    Download paper

    Marinov, I., A. Marinov “Mathematical modeling of internal and surface waves in a thermally stratified lake.” Romanian Conference on technologies and equipment for improving the quality of the environment - proceedings, edited by the Politechnical University of Bucharest, Romania, vol. 10, 1998.

    - theses -

    Irina Marinov, "Controls on the air-sea balance of carbon dioxide", PhD Thesis, Princeton University, January 2005, 223pp.
    Advisors: Dr. Jorge Sarmiento and Dr. Anand Gnandesikan

    Irina Marinov, "Wind generated oscillations in Lake Champlain",
    BA thesis in Physics, Middlebury College, 1998, 122pp.
    Advisors: Prof. T. Manley (geology) and R. Prigo (physics)
    Thesis received the 1999 Nuquist Award for Outstanding Student Research on a Vermont Topic.

    Irina Marinov, "Study of positive Operators on Hilbert Spaces",
    BA thesis in Mathematics, Middlebury College, 1998, 120pp.
    Advisors: Prof. Steve Abbott (mathematics)


  • December 2006. Co-designed and co-taught an intensive 3.5 week course on "Introduction to Climate Modelling" with atmospheric scientist Dr. Liz Moyer of Harvard University. This course was taught at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Cape Town, South Africa, as a postgraduate course for Africans with mathematics undergraduate degrees preparing for graduate school in the sciences. For details on AIMS and this highly selective 1 year program check out their website . Our course was hands-on, with daily lectures and computer labs.

  • March-May 2007: Advised an AIMS student on a project "Fe fertilization in the ocean and consequences for the global carbon cycle". Download his project. The essay phase is a required step for the AIMS postgraduate degree.

  • GEO 202, An Introduction to the World's Oceans. In the Spring of 2005 I taught the weekly laboratory section for this Princeton Univ. undergraduate course with Dr. Jorge Sarmiento and Danielle Schmidt. I also developed labs using the STELLA software and oceanographic databases freely available on the Internet. This undergraduate course is an inderdisciplinary introduction to biological, chemical, geological, and physical oceanography.

  • Outreach: While at Princeton University I was involved in a few outreach activities. I was an invited speaker for local elementary school children and K1-12 teachers through the Princeton University Scholars in the Schools and Quest (Teacher Preparation) programs.

  • As an undergraduate at Middlebury College I provided three years of teaching assistance for introductory to advanced mechanics, electricity and magnetism, special relativity, real analysis, two levels of calculus, and algebra. Responsible for review sessions, small group tutoring, one-on-one tutoring, helping run labs, correcting homework and lab reports.

Professional Activities:

  • Participated in the CarboOceans summer school "Combining data and models: statistical analysis and data assimilation in biogeochemical oceanography", at the Leibnitz Institute of Marine Sciences, Kiel University, Kiel, Germany, August 7th-14th, 2007.

  • Session Co-convener (with Mick Follows and Arnold Gordon) at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Hawaii in 2006. Our session, "High Latitude Dynamics and Biogeochemistry" was successful at bringing together a good number of physical oceanographers and biogeochemists. Our three oral sessions were followed by a poster session.

  • During the 2005-2006 academic year I was in charge (together with Fanny Monteiro and Patrick Heimbach) of MIT's weekly Oceanography and Climate seminar series. The Sack Lunch seminars take place every Wednesday, 12:10pm on the 9th floor of the Green Building.

  • In October 2005 I participated in a "Forward to Professorship" workshop for women in sciences at MIT. The workshop provided a forum to discuss issues associated with an academic career such as: applications for tenure track positions, writing grants, balancing career and private lives, teaching and writing tips, etc. The workshop provided us with a great Resource List, which I recommend for Academics at all stages of their career.

  • I am interested in the interface of science and policy and in how as scientists we can influence the political process. I am particularly interested in the role of the scientific community in environmental policy/politics in developing countries and in particular in Eastern Europe. I am new at this, but will try to update my Links as I learn more on the topic.

  • Participated in the "Ocean Carbon Cycle and Climate" NATO Advanced Study Institute, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, two week workshop, July-August 2002.

  • Member: American Geophysical Union, American Society for Limnology and Oceanography, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Other Activities/Interests

  • Student Politics: While at Princeton University I was involved a bit in student politics. I was the student representative of the Atmospheric Ocean Sciences program in the Graduate Student Government (GSG) during 2003-2004.

  • Always the organizer, I was involved with the first two Northeast Romanian Student conferences at Columbia University (2001 and 2002) and I helped with compiling one of the first databases for Romanian students in the US. I also spent much time and energy trying to organize the first alumni network for my fantastic high school in Bucharest, Romania, the St. Sava High School. If there are any St Sava graduates out there who would like to get involved in this project, please email me. I would be thrilled to find collaborators!

  • Long-term I would like to contribute to improving the Earth Science infrastructure and creating a scientific network for climate scientists (including atmospheric scientists and oceanographers) in my home country, Romania. If you are a Romanian climate scientist, do get in touch with me. Maybe we can start a network or simply collaborate on a project.

  • I am interested in the role and participation of women in sciences in general and in Earth Sciences in particular. To sign up for a fantastic email list - peer-mentoring network of women in the Earth Sciences started by some of my former Princeton colleagues, please go to the Earth Science Women's Network (ESWN).

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